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For some people we were yelling about the cops and kids were digging it.

Now if I had made a record called "Fireman Killer" I don't think I would have got the same response but something about going after cops had everyone going. We did Lollapaolloza, it was no harm no foul, it was rock n roll and we keep it moving.

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He never said anything. His one purpose in coming to this country was to become a police officer, Richardson said, adding that Singh was one of his first hires and had dreams of one day leading the department. If the welfare state was the best of all possible worlds then god help us, it is a sham. Beyond Fish? When I was younger on the street and breaking the law we didn't hate the cops but considered them our opponents who we had to outsmart. The unit manages to kill five FBI agents and wound several more before Dex kills them all.

But then they came after us that's when the shit storm started. The first time I knew was when the President was talking about it.

I was home at the house and someone saw Dan Quayle on TV and they called me and said "Yo, The President is talking crazy about you man. And we were like "What, over a record!?

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Yeah, everyone thought we made a record as a response to the riots and made it out like we were jumping on the band wagon and trying to get cops killed. In actual face we kind of predicted the riots. They came at the label harder because their attitude was, "Ice is a black kid talking crazy about the cops. We understand that but Warner Brothers why are you giving him this platform? They lied when they came after the song by calling it a rap song because that was a quick way to get a racial reaction. If they had of said 'rock' a lot of white people are like "Well, I like Fleetwood Mac, maybe I will like this song".

But by calling it a rap record you get a racial response.

With Body Count we were transferring black rage to white kids and white kids were mad at the same stuff that black kids were mad at. Nah, these kids are soft.

Suspected Louisiana Cop-Killer Caught

Right now there is no rage. We are dealing with a very delusional state of the world and I only thing that woke the world up is Donald Trump's maniac ass. He's pretty much scared the shit out of everyone in the world and we could be on the precipice of a World War Three. I've never watched so much news in my fucking life. It's getting serious but I think the music will reflect that.

I've bene calling it a pop bubble of bullshit.

I don't think a song can do it. I wrote this song during our election primaries and I was thinking what the hell is going on? That's what inspired me. It's one of the few records in American that has ever been banned. You could do some history to find out how many records have actually been pulled off the shelves. The fact that the recorded version namechecks both King and Los Angeles Chief of Police Daryl Gates merely shows that Ice was responding to the latest in a long line of such trials.

Following death threats to label employees, however, Ice-T announced his decision to withdraw Cop Killer.

The tiny town of Newman reels as hunt for cop killer...

A triumph of censorship over an uncomfortable truth? Some viewed it that way.

After the original version of the album was pulled from shelves, the band distributed free singles of Cop Killer at shows. Talking to Kerrang!

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