Day Hike! North Cascades, 3rd Edition: The Best Trails You Can Hike in a Day

Day Hike! North Cascades, 3rd Edition: The Best Trails You Can Hike in a Day
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Six Great Camping Getaways from Portland. Go Glamping in Washington with Pampered Wilderness.

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is a newer edition of this item: Day Hike! North Cascades, 3rd Edition: The Best Trails You Can Hike in a Day 3rd edition by McQuaide, Mike () Paperback. Editorial Reviews. Review. "[Most guidebooks are by] backpackers who occasionally day hike. But most people are day-hikers, who occasionally backpack.

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Free Admission Days for National Parks in Go Snowshoeing at Mount Rainier. Rustic Retreats in Washington.

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The newest addition to the Sasquatch Books Day Hike! The reflection of Mt Shuksan from the lake on a clear day is postcard perfect. Here are 65 simple recipes for yeasted breads, fougasse, flatbreads, sweet breads, sourdough, quick breads, savory breads, and sandwich breads. Want to Read saving…. Enlarge cover. Just up the Clackamas River from town are campgrounds and hiking trails, Bagby Hot Springs, and the huckleberry fields of the high Cascades.

Rainier Glaciers and Waterfalls. Corn Mazes, Pumpkins and Hot Cider. Car Camping Checklist. Washington Camping: Ten Great Campgrounds.

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Coast Campgrounds Our faves for car campgrounds on the Oregon Coast. The information below has been gleaned from many sources including books, resource experts, and videos. Bear encounters often happen very quickly, but the bear will likely show cues that communicate its intentions. When you encounter a bear always stop, remain calm, and assess the situation. If the bear does not know you are there, back away quietly watching for any changes in its behavior. Look and Listen for Signs of Stress: Vocalizations like woofing, huffing, and jaw popping are almost always indications of stress.

If you hear a bear vocalizing then the bear is most likely warning you. Ears that are pointed forward usually indicate a sense of curiosity or dominance.

Backpacking in the North Cascades - Feature Version

Let it know you are human by talking to the bear calmly. Back away slowly, at an oblique angle if you can. Don't Run! Running may encourage a bear to chase you. You cannot outrun them. Generally, if you just stand your ground, the bear will soon leave. Wild bears rarely attack unless threatened or provoked.

Talking in low, soothing tones may help keep you calm. Do not panic. If You are Charged A defensive bear may approach you or even charge. If a bear charges, it perceives you as threat. Most charges are bluffs, but you must take action to try to appear non-threatening by standing your ground and talking calmly to the bear.

go Once the bear has stopped its charge, try to move slowly away. If the bear charges again as you are moving away, stop moving and stand your ground again. Use your bear spray if you think the bear will attack. Even though most charges are bluffs, there is no cue from the bear indicating that the charge is a bluff.

If a Defensive Bear Attacks. Play dead and leave your pack on as it may offer some protection. Fall to the ground face down on your stomach with your legs apart. Lock your hands behind your neck to protect your neck and face. If you do get rolled over, keep rolling until you're face down again. Stay quietly in this position until the bear has left the area. Once a defensive bear no longer perceives you as a threat, it will stop attacking. If the attack continues long after you have assumed the protective position, fight back vigorously. If a Non-Defensive Bear Approaches.

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A non-defensive bear may approach you for a variety of reasons — it may be conditioned to human food, curious, or want to test its dominance. You are trying to dissuade the bear from approaching. As with a defensive bear, stay calm and speak to the bear. Try moving out of its way. If the bear continues to approach, you then want to assert your dominance over the animal — shout, make yourself look large and threatening, throw a rock towards the bear, and prepare to use your bear spray. If a Non-Defensive Bear Attacks.

Bear attacks, whether defensive or predatory, are very rare.

Bear Safety

Grizzly bear attacks are almost always defensive, while black bear attacks tend to be more predatory. If a non-defensive bear attacks, fight back! Non-defensive bears may consider you prey. In All Cases. The best defense is knowledge, preparation, and prevention. Arm yourself with a knowledge of bear biology, ecology, and behavior. Prepare yourself mentally for bear encounters before you visit, and take action when you are visiting the North Cascades to prevent stressful encounters with bears.

Email to report bear encounters to park biologists. Bears do not naturally associate people with food, but they are opportunistic and can quickly learn this behavior.