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Engaging News in Slow Spanish features native speakers discussing current events and culture.

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News stories you care about at a pace you can understand. Always on Listen, read, and start thinking in Spanish anywhere you go — at home, in the classroom, and on any of your devices. Beginners Prepare for News in Slow Spanish with this introductory course, ideal for beginners or to review the basics. Sample the first 5 episodes of: Get Up to Speed Intermediate Develop your comprehension as you listen to the news. Go further with interactive transcripts, lessons, pronunciation, and quizzes.

You can listen to a full episode of our intermediate Spanish podcast: News in Slow Spanish Advanced Challenge yourself to an intellectually simulating blend of opinion, cultural insights and in-depth analysis of trending news. Try a free episode on our advanced level program: Change of Pace Our subscribers say: Solo quiero decir gracias por el podcast.

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Hay muchospodcasts en espanol que son muy simples y muy aburridos. Su podcast tieneun nivel suficiente dificil para mi mientras al mismo tiempo no es demasiadoasi. Keep up the good work! Sign Up Forgot your Password? One of the keys to successfully learning Spanish is finding ways to combine your passions with your language practice. For example, if you like movies, you can learn Spanish with classic Argentine movies. Or if you like music, popular Spanish songs are a no-brainer.

Do find yourself refreshing the BBC homepage multiple times per hour?

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Do you get the shakes at the idea of being the last one to know about a major world event? Do you have multiple favorite world leaders? These are all signs of a serious news habit.

If you always start your day with a dose of news over breakfast or coffee, or finish it by watching the nightly news over dinner, you have a guaranteed half-hour language learning slot just waiting to be filled with Spanish news. News is a great way to build useful vocabulary.

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This gives you more opportunities to learn individual words, as well as confidence that the words you do learn will be useful. Some simple tips to get the most out of your practice include: setting yourself a target of at least one article per day, keeping a notebook with the words you translate each day, and revising this notebook after each news reading session, and again at the end of each week. The most important thing is to find a news source that actually interests you. There are million Spanish speakers in the world.


Galician is an Indo-European language of the Western Ibero-Romance branch. It is spoken by . The recent edition of the cartularies of Oscos in Eonavia and cartularies of Obona, crude, taunting, and sexual songs of scorn; cantigas de maldecir, where the .. thanks / thank you, grazas, obrigado, gracias .. North African. Download file Book PDF Dicir Ola En Suahili (Galician Edition) at Complete. PDF Library. Images for decir hola en swahili (galician edition). Learn Spanish.

With a market that large, you can be sure there is a Spanish language publication for every interest. Best of all, there is absolutely no reason to worry about highbrow content. Simple vocabulary and short sentences are exactly what you want to aim for as a beginner. For best results, combine reading and listening comprehension through print and TV or radio news. If this all sounds like a lot of work, you might want to consider learning Spanish with news videos on FluentU.

FluentU takes real-world videos, like music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks, and turns them into Spanish learning experiences. Other sites use scripted content. FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. FluentU has a wide variety of videos—topics like soccer, TV shows, business, movies and even magical realism, as you can see here:FluentU brings native videos within reach with interactive transcripts.

You can tap on any word to look it up instantly. Every definition has examples that have been written to help you understand how the word is used. Review a complete interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and phrases listed under Vocab. The site includes a variety of customization options to increase or decrease the presence of a certain media provider, region, or theme, in your news feed.

The coverage is of an excellent quality. This makes it a good option for beginning Spanish learners, as these articles can provide a good first step into Spanish news. News in Slow SpanishNews in Slow Spanish is the definitive resource for beginning Spanish learners who wish to improve their comprehension. The two hosts go over a selection of news items from the past week at approximately three-quarters of normal reading speed.

This may sound strange, but for intermediate students of Spanish this little bit of extra time is all that is needed to dramatically boost comprehension. This includes a variety of news and current affairs programs such as Informe Semanal and the Telediarios. This is probably the best option for those of you who prefer to watch a solid half hour of news over dinner every night.

These include: print news in Spanish, as well as a collection of short news radio programs focusing on Australian and international news. The language has separated from the pattern of Barcelona, and the region had always enjoyed a certain local inde- pendence. As derived from western Catalan the lengua valenciana distinguishes unaccented a from e, whereas Catalan treats them indifferently, these vowels retain their timbre, as also does unaccented o which is dulled to u in Catalan. A minute force of twelve thousand Berbers destroyed the hosts of King Roderick and captured the great cities of Sevilla, Cordoba, Onhuela and Toledo, before the Moorish generalissimo Mbs a ibn Nusair so much as set foot in the country.

The long Arian controversy had bred in them a sense of antagonism to the Goths, in addition to the natural con- tempt of Roman for German. A Church should be zealous for its sacred language. The suicide of the zealots decided the Latin question by elimina- tion There remained only the Spanish vernacular and the cultural use of Arabic The former was of no service for THE RISE OF CASTILIAN literature, though doubtless the vehicle of lyrics and oral tales, and the very Canons of the Church were turned into Arabic in to guarantee their preservation The vernacular remained unimpaired, and it had a second chance with the revolt of the renegades in the later years of the ninth century.

For the former, the large application of the tongue to the fore-palate caused native phoneticians to describe the sound as escaping over the molars, and so of a lateral nature.

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It was a d with some of the characteristics of an l, and consequently was repre- sented in Romance by Id. Ar al-qddi Sp. An accurate scale of weights and measures, and a money standard facilitated the heavy commerce of the southern cities Dry measures were especially useful qmntales, arrobas, almudes, cahices, fanegas, maquilas The carat quilate Ar qirdt measured gold and precious stones , the adarme and azumbre, liquids The coinage of the Almoravides maravedl long served as the basis of northern coinage The classification of city tradesmen showed that division of labour had gone far There were the tailors Ar al-xayyat OSp Ptg alfaiate , potters THE RISE OF CASTILIAN , alfarero Ar al-fayyAr , pack-saddlers albardero from albarda At.

The component elements of the Salamancan populace remained nominally distinct as the linajes de Salamanca castellanos, mozdraves, portoga- leses , toreses In its cathedral the Mozarabic nte continues in use. This conservative tendency is also noted m Mozarabic Catalan and Navarro-Aragonese innovate by reducing -mb- to -m-, -nd- to -n-, and by simplifying the diphthongs ai au to e 0.

The first centre of radiation was, as we have remarked, Castilla Vieja, and its documentation is chiefly that of the monastery of Ona. The diphthongs ai au, on the other hand, still vacillate in Cantabrian Castilian, down to the twelfth century Tmteiro , Emdeira , Ferreira , but also hera The simplification of these vowels is characteristic of Aragonese, and is earned through syste- matically by the Glosas Sdenses When Castilian begins to radiate from Burgos instead of Ona -ariu gives only -ero karrera semdero Armentero eras fossatera Such forms appear normal in the tenth century An archaic state of final un- accented vowels in Oldest Castile preserves traces of -u in the documents of Ona, and so of a declension -u -os -u -os This is not a peculiar sign of the Cantabrian dialect, but is seen also in the Glosas Silenses which belong to the Riojan patois, and is present in southern Italian and Rumanian The Glosas give us nafregatu, mintiru, etc , but nafre.

THE EXPANSION OF CASTILIAN The later Middle Ages witnessed the completion of the process which had begun m the eleventh and twelfth centuries by which Castilian and Spanish became synonymous terms Originally a dialect backed on the Basque border, more radical than the speech of the majority of Spamsh-speakers, Castilian spread out fan-wise in a southerly and south- westerly direction until it reached the borders of Portuguese and Catalan near the middle line of the Peninsula, and then advanced southward as the sole parent of the Andalusian and American varieties In this way Castilian cut off Leonese and Aragonese from the south, preventing their further de- velopment, and at the same time it exerted a vigorous lateral pressure which in the end has driven Aragonese off the plain of the Ebro, and Leonese out of eastern, southern and central Leon to take shelter in the mountains of Astorga or behind the Cantabrian range.

The pressure was exerted not only by the Castilian dialect as a whole, favoured by the chanceries and the heroic songs, but by each individual castilianism. Miguel de Carvajal causes Joseph and the good characters to speak of Dios, but his brothers of el Dio. To the middle of the century -s- and -ss- did not rhyme together, and in the unvoicing of the -s- is explicitly noted Herrera writes -ss- between i88 STANDARD SPANISH vowels, whatever its origin, with the exceptions only of peso and -oso It is more difficult to ascertain the medieval pronunciation off z In modern standard Spanish they have the value [ 9 ], and in the Extremenan dialect of Malpartida de Plasencia they are [9 3 ] crecel [kreBel] jadel [haSel] for crecer hacer In Andalusia, among the Spanish Jews, in most of Spanish Amenca, and in Portuguese and Catalan they have coincided with dorsoalveolar s and z, where the voiced sound exists The Latin 6 before e i was pronounced [k] and must have evolved to the modern Sp [ 9 ] along the line Velar Prevelar Palatal Dental InLerdental Occlusive [k] [c] Affricate [c] [g] [6]?

The Italian equation is made by Christoval de las Casas , Juan de Miranda , Richard Percyuall , who also cited Hebrew tzade and Doergank , and Minsheu gives the value ts. Sufficient resources of declension and conjugation remained in Spanish to allow the adjective to be separated from the noun without ambiguity to the eye, though perplexing for the ear, and the verb to be removed from its subject by inter- vening parentheses, subordinate clause and absolute con- structions There is no difficulty in recognizing the groups pasos perdidos, peregnno errante, cuantos versos in Pasos de un peregnno son errante cuantos me dictb versos dulce musa.

To change from tu to vos implied an access of formality, of stiffness, and therefore was suited to angry or insulting lan- guage among the Spanish-Jews vos is an insult, but to a Spanish beggar tu is so informal as to convey a shght In Spanish America these forms in tu and vos have developed into a state of confusion which will be described in the next chapter Above them there developed new forms of courtesy involving an abstract substantive and the third person of the verb Most of these were based on vuestra merced, abbreviated v m , which took such forms as vuesarce vuesaste uci oci usted Of all these forms the modern period has selected usted, which, however, is simply a second personal pronoun, with- out a definite connotation of respect It is not, in contem- FSL 14 sio STANDARD SPANISH porary Spanish, a mark of courtesy.

In respect of the transformation of Lat f, Murcian has a history linked with that of the Aragonese and Valencian frontier dialects, viz. On the other hand their irregular life and reputation for theft led the civil powers to class them with malefactors. For their own purposes it was convenient to substitute m essentially Spanish sentences Romany words for certain special terms. There was no absolute want of spoken literature In Mexico the melancholy genius of King Nezahualcoyotl gave rise to lyrics in which J J Pesado has sought inspiration m more recent times , the Peruvian sun-cult inspired noble hymns, and there is a corpus of proverbs by the Inca Pachacutec But all this amounts to less than we find in the empires of the Old World at the dawn of histone time These languages have been important for the development of Amencan Spanish either because of their date of discovery or their importance in administration.

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These terms are not valid for the classification of languages , examples of them all occur in the two Americas The number of polysynthetic languages, how- ever, is notably high, that is, of languages which include with the verbal element most or many of the other parts that go to make up the discourse, with the result that words do not exist as units but only in combinations An extreme example is the Esquimaux Takusanartorumagaluarnerpd? They perished too soon to experience of religion dws santa dngelis cnsliano mu a campana alma i etc , political organiza- tion rey rcina pueblo carcel preso justicia and even compadetv amigo , society hacimdrro nco pobrt asesino lazanno , ranching hacienda rancho corral puerta cuarto letrero , horse cahuayo jdquima cordel , weights and measures, money and numerals semana peso secientns , clothing vestido paniddn , implements acoha for aguja , cuchillo machete mdquina xalo for jarro , games, food pan , a n i m als cahuayo Led a gallo pato , plants arroz membrillo Adjectives bueno fiaco fiojo mal mayor pobre primero solo tonta, etc Verbs adnurar cantor desear eslar format lograr mandar negar pasar sentxr vesUr , etc.

Las Casas tells us that aji Guinea pepper , cazabi manioc bread and jura manioc , though current in the islands, were unknown to Spam about For this we have to thank several circumstances of the colonizing effort of Spain Royal patronage caused governors like Fernandez de Oviedo accurately to investigate the resources of their governments, and scholars like Peter Martyr to record the facts with all the philological science of the day Missionaries like Las Casas learned and practised native languages to convert and protect the Indian tribes, and were not slow to offer linguistic as well as other criticisms of the civil officials.

There has been no want of experiments in mixing Spanish with American languages.

Sarmiento, devoid of any formal education but possessed of a racy intelligence, insisted that new experience required new language , and in this he was supported by the thinker Alberdi The proposition was evidently true It was developed by J M Gutierrez, whose studies in Argentine literary history led to the belief in an Argentine language But of what did this language consist? How does this arise? Phonetics and Phonology The two leading characteristics of American Spanish are seseo And yeismo By seseo we mean the confusion of f z s into one sound [s].

It occurs universally m America, with the exception, perhaps, of some Indians in Peru who generalize the pronunciation [0] In southern Spain the seseo is general, but it runs parallel with the oppo- site fault, the lisp or ceceo Yeismo, the pronunciation of ll as y, is not quite so widely spread in America The district of Atotonilco in Mexico conserves the original sound, which is also found on the high plateau in Colombia, in Peru, m northern and southern Chile, and in the Argentine province of Comentes In some cases the existence in Quechua and Mapuche of ll may have helped to preserve the Spanish sound.

The Italians are of a humbler class They total over 2,,, or 25 p c of the whole, and, apart from sellers of lottery tickets and dock-labourers, they are wont to move out on to the land, where they struggle to scrape together enough from the soil to enable them to return to a life of village prosperity in Italy They have nothing cultural to offer, and their influence on the language is exiguous. For instance, in the above example, having no -s plural, he tacks -s on at random to singulars; having no [xj he substitutes [k] m vieco; he fails to recognize the true unaccented 0, and he keeps a grip on his Italian particles, per il ne, etc He frequently borrows verbal endings from his own tongue and uses Italian where it will pass muster, e g dovia for debia But his language is in a state of flux, and he will go on augmenting the Spanish element during the whole of his stay, while the precise mix- TO SPANISH AMERICA ture is purely personal and is not a means of communicating with other members of his class His children, if he stay so long, will learn accurately colloquial Argentine, and will endeavour to correct their parent.

Cocohche, in short, is merely Spanish imperfectly learned The French influence is very powerful in intellectual spheres The newspapers multiply new political and social terms, and the jargon of the Quartier Latin and Mont- parnasse serves to name literary and artistic novelties These terms force their way in even when satisfactory Spamsh equivalents exist One has apostolado in the political sense arnvista campana Sp.

It consists of neologisms and foreign words neo - logtsmosy extranjensmos A neologism is one which has been adapted to Spanish norms, the others remain evidently foreign. The neologism is thus the word more likely to pass unnoticed m discourse and to survive, against the un- naturalized foreign expression the national conscience revolts Adaptation is an intelligent process and especially frequent in cultural loan-words, which are of French origin, as we have seen; French words, conversely, admit readily of adap- tation to Spanish by their common Latin origin English words neither agree with Spanish principles, nor do they occur m spheres where permanence is assumed or even desired, all but a few remain foreigners, and are menaced with expulsion A very keen linguistic sense exists among the Argentines as among all persons of Spanish descent Without defining what is Spanish, they are quick to note what is foreign.

Inmediatamente se produjo un clinch, siguio un upper-cut, luego un hook de derecha. In the Galician river-basins, however, there were means of main- taining considerable numbers of men, who would be almost perfectly screened from invasion. It was an orientation which Galicia could not share, and despite community of history and language a split occurred, which has converted the Mmho from a medial line into a frontier The land between Minho and Douro re- mained with Portugal, though standing close to Galicia in dialect and interests.

It is evident, from the foregoing examples, that the north- west of the Peninsula was an area of active experimenta- tion in respect of these initial groups, both in Le6n and in Galicia-Portugal, while Castile lay where the waves of innova- tion died down Commencing under conditions of Peninsular unity, the development had already reached its extreme limits before the opening of the twelfth century chamam occurs in the first Portuguese document , clausa xosa is misspelty?

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In conjugation and declension changes were taking place between and which led to the modern forms em- ployed by Camoes The 3 PI -unt had already become -do. Thus the 2 S preterite is in Galician -eke, but PI -stes A local and relatively modern change in Galician is one which converts initial g before aou into an aspirate [h] , which is frequently, but not correctly, identified with Sp.

The above spellings are imitative, and are not used save to indicate colloquial forms The standard orthography ignores the actual pronunciation, or else causes it to conform to the spelling.