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I cannot converse in any other language so I admire your efforts. If it is important to you then consider getting the two books I referenced in an earlier post; they are very useful and actually an interesting read.

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They may have some good tips that will stick with you I say this because they have helped me and I was born in the US! Sincerely, V-. Last time I looked, it has been acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition since roughly the end of the 12th Century. The error first appeared, I believe, in a s MacMillan grammar book and was then passed along by countless teachers with more Education courses than English under their belt.

Never underestimate the power of a really nasty error.

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But then, whom can you appeal to? Oops, another darn prepositional ending. Another that gets me is correct spellings from two different countries, by the same author, in the same article, story, etc. Yes Donna, they can.. But only if you use them correctly, which many people do not. One of my disappointments in the internet age is the loss of attention to detail in communications.

It just takes effort. The humble writer who respects his readers will proofread.

Although proofreading is not a panacea for ignorance, it will catch most errors. The one who does not proofread is either lazy as hell, or an arrogant jackass who shrugs off the admonishments of those who know better. The one looking for mistakes in this post is the biggest jackass of all, because he is missing the point, and frittering away his own precious time in the vain hope of finding something about which to gloat. On the other hand, we have those who choose to criticize the spelling- and grammar-challenged while failing to proofread their own comments or are comments exempt from all the blog-language-preaching above?

Can you pick it out? Did it affect your understanding of the comment? On a constructive note, this is the lesson for everyone: Even the best copywriters should have someone proofread their work, because a second set of eyes can catch what our brain has chosen to ignore. When we criticize others we should always remember a certain biblical quote about casting stones …. This was a very nice refresher to keep us on our toes.

Unfortunately, word editors do not catch many of these types of grammatical errors. But reinforcement from good articles like this one can always help.

Based on the comments, I think many of us will still get affect vs. No further discussion is needed. I am from the UK and have lived in the USA, which made me acutely aware of the cultural differences you mention. A few minutes ago I tried an American grammar test which gave me a score of 35 out of 50 questions.

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Had this same test been conducted by UK rules, the result would have been closer to Consequently, I try to adhere to rules common to both sides of the Atlantic, these days, to make communication an easier process and to keep the pedants quiet. The preposition business is a daily thorn to me! I grew up with all the traditional grammatical rigour that says that a sentence should not end in a preposition.

Your vs. Not just blogger, but I have witnessed professional writers doing the same. When you lose weight, your pants get loose.

www.cantinesanpancrazio.it/components/cojocima/873-iphone-apps-for.php This one really gets me. I thought I was going to pass this with flying colors until I got to number 5! I got my knoweldge of grammar by reading voraciously. I also learnt by reading veraciously. All of these are good points.

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Buy Everyday Spelling and Grammar (Blake's Go Guides): Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews - segurmerabe.gq Blake's Go Guides cut right to the heart of issues that affect you and explain then in a simple, accessible way. This guide will give you the knowledge and.

I think the most important thing is to take enough pride in our work to compel us to read and re-read our blog entries before we post them. What amazes me is the fact that so many of the comments praising this post contain grammatical and spelling errors. How can people claim to be in such agreement regarding the value of proofreading and then not do it themselves?

Like you and many others, I did not major in English, Literature ao the like. I did do a double major in Psychology and Philosophy, however, and had to do a boat load of writing for both.

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I was also one who did a lot reading as a child, especially sea tales about pirates and those who went up against them. As a kid who was very much into sports, I also read about the great atheletes at those and earlier times. Throw into this mix my mother, who did attend nursing school and all the reading and course work that with with that, and the constant corrections she hammered into my two sisters and myself this last use of me, myself is from her…be respectful to others, put them first, then include yourself, which is the English sibling of myself.

The point to all of this is that I whole-heartedly agree that the thought that we do absorb all these rules of grammar it is AR, not ER either by osmosis or whatever one chooses to call it. Like many others who commented, I loose interest in a heartbeat in anothers writings if they exhibit a plethora of egregious erors in the written word.

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There are many different ways to use roll. Table of contents Categories Categories Connect. Make sure you know how to write it well. Redrafting a manuscript requires an understanding of writing. Tangentially—ever notice how broadcast journalists emphasize the preposition in their speech?

A mistake here or there is one thing, but to see them served up as often as they are is laziness, be it the proofreading that should accompany any copy writing, spell-checker, dictionaries, etc. None of mentioned mistakes could have ever been made by a foreigner. The reason is that our understanding of English is based on the grammar and vocabulary, not everydays oral communication and perception. Thus we learn how to write well at the cost of the ability to react quickly and correctly to a spoken word.

I just visited your blog for the first time today. I love this post!!! These things drive me crazy as well. Well, I am with them and proud of it!!! Did anybody graduate third grade in the U. The post 79 which you cite is plainly and simply wrong; and incoherent. Hi from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.

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Neither of us had ever heard the other pronunciation before! Last thing. I like what wrote and I totally agree. Any suggestions? Just to make things even more confusing and hopefully I am not repeating what someone else may have posted , Affect is also a verb and a noun. My suggestion for learning the vagaries of English grammar: teach it as a second language.

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In truth, I think you are even wrong when you say that it is a relative pronoun! And Fowler, as we know, is incapable of being wrong. Would need to recheck this article when I would need to write. Affect vs. The easiest way I distinguish between these two words in my writing is the following thought:. I was shocked.

A very useful post for bloggers.

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I did considering to write my blog in English and the mistakes you mention are very common for me. Loose and lose bothers me and I seem to be seeing it a lot lately.