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In some cases, authors avoid linguistic questions by introducing devices into their stories that seamlessly translate between languages, to the point that the concept of different languages can largely be excluded from a franchise. Notable examples include:. In other cases, the question of language is dealt with through the introduction of a universal language via which most, if not all, of the franchise's species are able to communicate. In the Star Wars universe, for example, this language is known as Basic and is spoken by the majority of the characters, with a few notable exceptions.

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Other alien species take advantage of their unique physiology for communication purposes, an example being the Ithorians , who use their twin mouths, located on either side of their neck, to speak in stereo. In some franchises this universal language is an intermediary language; one that different species can easily translate to and from their own languages, thus allowing simple communication between races.

Examples of this approach include Interlac from the Legion of Super-Heroes , Babylon 5 , and the Uplift Universe , where numerous sapient species use at least twelve "Galactic" languages each version is used in communication between species that can articulate it, and that find it useful in expressing their concepts. In the film and book Close Encounters of the Third Kind scientists use Solresol , a language based on musical tones, while in the film and book Contact , aliens send the instructions to build a machine to reach them using mathematics , which the main character calls "the only universal language".

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Similarly, in Stargate SG-1 , the protagonists encounter a galactic meeting place where different races communicate with one another using a language based on atomic structures which is "written" in three dimensions rather than two. A number of long-running franchises have taken the concept of an alien language beyond that of a scripting device and have developed languages of their own.

follow site The existence of alien languages and the ease or difficulty of translation is used as a plot device or script element in a number of franchises, sometimes seriously, and sometimes for comedic value. Other works present detailed, concrete examples of the difficulty of learning alien languages due to linguistic relativity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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