Last Days of Atlantis (A Novella)

Stephen King
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I received an arc in exchange for my honest opinion. This was a fun book. Pine and April total opposites but so right for each other. April is sent to be an ambassador in Scotland, but she is a warrior not an ambassador. With someone trying to murder Pine or April and an evil twin thrown in. Funny and great read. Customer Reviews See All. January in Atlantis. Alejandro's Sorceress. Atlantis Rising.

Atlantis Awakening. Private Eye. May in Atlantis. June In Atlantis. Halloween in Atlantis. Christmas in Atlantis. The hero of a horror novel would find new reservoirs of courage, and the hero of a fantasy novel would accept the adventure, but Bobby discovers that he isn't the hero of his own life by the laws of either genre. It's risky to disappoint so many of a reader's expectations at once, and surprising from a writer who enjoys his reputation for satisfying customers -- who has called his work ''the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and a large fries.

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He writes another tale about being sensible rather than heroic. In , war is chewing up American boys in Vietnam. Pete Riley, a freshman at the University of Maine in Orono, is tempted. Pete is a continuation of Bobby by other means: they fall for the same girl, they're never on stage at the same time and Bobby's copy of ''Lord of the Flies'' ends up in Pete's hands. Pete is tempted by cards, in particular the game of hearts. The deck is haunted not by demons or ghosts but by the queen of spades, who weighs down whoever takes her with 13 unlucky points.

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Pete's chief opponent is a ''creepy, small-minded, bad-complexioned gnome'' named Ronnie Malenfant. Pete may be flirting with academic failure, but he plays hearts to win. He loves to stick Ronnie with the queen of spades.

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Everyone on campus, in fact, is carrying a queen of spades, of one sort or another. The card-playing delinquents are frank about their hostility; they know they're flunking themselves into war. But the nerdy students who eschew hearts are marshaled into antiwar activism by a force just as uncanny. Peace, after all, is what the dead rest in. He envies the health and pleasures of his peers, and, like an animated corpse, he stinks of decay: ''The only smell like it is an electric-train transformer that's been run too hard for too long.

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And we learn that Pete's girlfriend, Carol Gerber, later joins a group resembling the Weather Underground; she helps to blow up six students who are interviewing for jobs with a chemical manufacturer. But although King has written these corners of darkness into his novella, he doesn't explore them.

Carol remains saintly despite her crimes, and Stokely's death wish is embalmed in the narrator's nostalgia. King also fails to say what Pete's decision to save himself might have cost him, other than a few years spent in political protest.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. We compared the lowest prices from 16 websites. This trip is completely do-able if you do the same. Self-preservation is a difficult story to tell, and a few evasions may be inevitable. And is also great for short read sessions! This was perfect.

Self-preservation is a difficult story to tell, and a few evasions may be inevitable. Witness Bill Clinton's difficulties explaining how he had handled the draft.

After all, a prudent person resists the unexpected plot twists that would turn his life into a lively read. Like ''Low Men in Yellow Coats,'' the novella ''Hearts in Atlantis'' is anti-genre fiction -- a horror-adventure novel that doesn't happen, at least not to the hero. But it does happen to a couple of the minor characters. In the book's two short stories, the working-class veterans John Sullivan and Willie Shearman are haunted by the war in classic King style, the ghoulish woven into the quotidian. Sullivan's guilt takes the shape of a murdered Vietnamese woman, who rides shotgun with him in his Chevrolet Caprice.

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Shearman, for his part, commutes to his penitence. Patrick's Cathedral, where he impersonates a blind Vietnam veteran. As he wishes he could explain to the policeman who extorts him, ''What looks fake isn't always fake. Sullivan's and Shearman's tales feel more complete than the novellas, but Vietnam's horror remains off stage, consigned to flashbacks.