Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happyness
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Happiness is not absence of problem, happiness is the ability to deal with them. It is a cornerstone of all that you are! Thus, coaching yourselves to enlighten your spirit within, is a paradigm to grow the miracles out of persistent negative emotions i.

It is like being prisoner of our own personality. It is very wise to consider that our belief affects our inner happiness.

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It is our thought process and belief that takes time to evaluate and modulate things as per the direction and priorities. For instance,. It is the key to change and lasting happiness. It changes the underlying core belief that drives destructive behaviour and creates happiness.

The human mind has the power to change the personality and discover some powerful positive attributes to fight back to the situation.

Awareness provides the clarity to analyse whether you express emotions of love or express emotions out of reactions of anger or fear. Awareness is the possibility to catch yourself prior to doing, saying, thinking or believing in something destructive. To be happy ,requires little or no effort! There is no need to chase the rainbow of happiness ,because the ability to be happy and content ,serene an Update Consent. Tech Science Reviews Search for:.

The Pursuit of Happiness

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enter Our emotional enjoyment, or what we can call happiness, is simply part of human nature. How pervasive is the pursuit of happiness and emotional well being? It is one of the all encompassing motivations that people have once they meet their survival needs. Abraham Maslow pointed this out a long time ago in his hierarchy of needs.

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When a person is physically comfortable and no longer driven by fear of starving or freezing to death, emotional pleasure becomes a primary pursuit. Happiness may take many forms but it is the underlying motivator in most our decisions. Even with a natural instinct, constitutional approval and our best efforts, it seems all too easy to create emotional chaos and unhappiness instead. How does this pursuit of happiness get so distorted and take us in the wrong direction at times?

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While it is easy to discern between the physical sensations of pleasure and pain, emotions are not always direct. We often have a layer of beliefs in the mind that tend to complicate our sense of enjoyment and pursuit of happiness. Think about shopping for clothes. Unless we are buying a uniform or a necessary item, we generally buy clothes that we believe will enhance our appearance. When we believe that we look attractive, we feel happier.


How we look is just a means to improve how we feel emotionally. We make purchases because we feel good, or assume we will feel good with that purchase. The assumed impact on emotions is the principle motivator behind our decisions.

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When we buy a car we want to feel good about the purchase. Feeling good is the end result we seek but there are many paths to get there. One person may worry about safety concerns with children in the car. In order to feel better emotionally they buy a large SUV. Another person may have strong beliefs about the environment and feels better when they satisfy these beliefs. They might buy a hybrid car.

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The Pursuit of Happyness is a American biographical drama film based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner's nearly one-year struggle being homeless. Jada Pinkett Smith at an event for The Pursuit of Happyness () Angie Harmon at an event for The Pursuit of Happyness () Jaden Smith in The Pursuit.

Not wanting to fall into their own belief criteria of being stupid, they buy a used car. The pursuit of happiness, or feeling emotionally good about the choice, is the principle motivator that was met with three different means.

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Each person has different assumptions and beliefs they have to meet in order to get to that emotion. They feel better because they have satisfied the beliefs in the mind. If they can meet the criteria in their mind they will reward themselves with pleasurable emotions, at least in the short run. Later, their beliefs may change and then they have to go shopping again. Remember that a large part of feeling good in the mind is about avoiding what we believe feels painful, or potentially painful.

This includes using compensating strategies like a large car to keep emotionally painful fears and beliefs at a distance. Where do most people go to satisfy their pursuit of happiness? They try to satisfy the criteria in their mind that tells them what they have to do in order to feel good. That might also mean doing things to compensate for fears and beliefs of something painful happening. The end goal is happiness and all the beliefs, fears, assumptions, and perceptions in the mind dictate the path. In the pursuit of physical enjoyment we get direct feedback.

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With emotional enjoyment we often have a barrier of beliefs and assumptions filtering our efforts. Is there a problem in seeking happiness according to assumptions and beliefs? Not really, unless you have followed the criteria in the mind and your pursuit led to unhappiness. Disillusioned career choices, broken hearted relationships, and mid-life crisis indicate that our assumptions about happiness often miss the mark.

There are other problems with the approach of chasing the mental assumptions of what will make us happy.