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It's just a simple "recognition" away. For more than 40 years, teacher and healer Mark Earlix has helped tens of thousands of people achieve this recognition, and activate their own inner healing power. The principle behind everything he does is simple: Feel the energy of any unhealthy or unwanted situation or condition, and then change it into something positive. After all, it is energy.

Follow these 5 steps to awaken your hidden power

Through the step-by-step process Earlix lays out in this breakthrough program, you'll learn how to harness all the energy that is available in this instant. Then, with all distractions put aside, not only will you recognize what needs to be healed — in yourself, or in someone else —you'll be able to use your natural abilities to manipulate energy and help heal the problem.

In Awaken the Healer Within , You'll learn how to: Discover the areas of your body that need healing and learn how to receive information about what those areas want to show or tell you. Identify the negative incidents that caused you to feel the way you do about things, and learn how to let those incidents go so you can finally become free and whole again. Feel better than you have in years or even decades. Use energy to help others heal.

Identify destructive, negative energies , then shift them into a good and productive energetic response. Instantly stop a cold or flu from coming on, and remedy any ailment you may have. And much, much more! Using this powerful cutting-edge approach, Mark Earlix has never met anyone who hasn't been able to recognize and use the universal energy that is within and around us to create a healing experience.

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How can that possibly work! Energy works wherever you are. You see, my mother had come to me in a waking dream and asked me to get her out of there.

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To listen to the entire show click on the player above or go to the SuperPower Up! And you know in your heart that you would never feel complete until you are in the proper place. I know the reason for my pain. The Healer Within. The healers are the most lonely individual, despite the fact that, they are always busy. Privacy Policy Terms.

The dream was so real to me. I waited anxiously for the healing a month later. When I finally spoke to my Shaman in Chile, she told me I had a past-life with my mom and we had a contract that needed to be broken. I was so afraid I would never see her again. Somewhere deep inside me, I knew in order for us both to grow, I had to let her go. I am so grateful that healing allowed my mother to transition peacefully soon after. In , I began to study, but not to become a Shaman. When I opened my home as the Orange County Healing Center in , I had no idea of the magic that would take place, the people I would help, the traveling I would experience and the life I would get to live.

I am forever grateful to myself for the journey I have taken. In the beginning it was difficult to call myself a Shaman. Who was I to claim a sacred, ancient, indigenous rite? But after years of doing this work, seeing what I have seen and knowing who I am, I can honestly say this is what I was born to do.

The traumas I endured make sense now. They happened so I could help others heal and come back home to themselves in a whole new way. One of the more profound healings I give assists those who have passed on release old issues and evolve as a soul.

Awaken the Healer Within

Many times, when clients come in with a particular problem, we can track it back to an ancestral pattern. I can sometimes see the family member that is still attached. Together, we identify the patterns and easily release it and the loved one into their light. This technique is such an honor for as we know, each healing goes 7 generations up and 7 generations down.

Once we clear at this level my clients feel lighter and more connected to themselves. Each time this happens it still amazes me. It is a true gift. Everything that has ever happened to us creates a memory imprint on our light-body and that imprint affects our daily lives. Until we clear those issues, we will continue attracting and creating the same trauma over and over in different ways.

Self Healing - Influencing Cells - Guided Meditation

This year marks my 10th anniversary as a Shaman in this lifetime. I am grateful to be able guide you home to yourself and back to the Mother. There are many ways to connect to the Earth for grounding and creating a state of bliss. If you do not have grass, visualize it. Place your hands on your heart and breathe in the beauty of who you are.

Our mission is to help people lead healthier and happier lives.

Feel the tone of your humming in your chest. I do this along with other ancient healing techniques when a client has a deep wound and a missing piece of their light. Different pieces of our body are held in these chakras.

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And what happens is that these chakras, if they are fully aligned and they are flowing and the energy is moving, you get really fantastic results in your life. So, that is what a chakra is to me.

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And I love, I love that explanation about chakra, because it is exactly what you found with different words. And I love something specifically about what you just said. When they are aligned, they create the results that we are expecting for life, because that, I would say, is what really makes us conscious creators. Having our chakras aligned. So, thank you, thank you for sharing that. Keira, will you please take us back to your early years, and name one memorable life lesson that is useful for you today?

So, one life lesson from my early years, is I was a survivor. Trauma is strangely, one of my greatest gifts. And that, it led me onto this beautiful path of heeling. And it led me to find out how I could heal my own pain, which then awakened the healer inside of me. And allowed me to now be able to help others heal. And when you can see that as a blessing, as an opportunity, is when the healing really, really happens inside you, in yourself, in your blood.