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The Gwydiona are unusually peaceful and harmonious without any legal coercion or government control but something mysterious, a transcendent experience that they cannot describe, occurs once a year. It turns out that everyone becomes insane for a few days. They can harm themselves or each other but instantly forget that it is they themselves that have done it. They have unconsciously developed ways to minimize the harm.

For example, when everyone is insane, ritual chanting and dancing channels the energy that would otherwise be expressed as homicidal violence.


Anderson's final stage as of this writing depicts the Commonality, a tremendous, purely voluntary, profit-oriented free trade organization. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. The planets and interstellar worlds are designed with great care and scientific consistency, and the alien species and ecologies are convincing.

But the ritual is disrupted by the presence of extra-planetary visitors who do not understand what is happening What can we say about the post-Imperial period of the Technic History? It comprises four works. Each work describes an encounter with an isolated human community, not with a new non-human species.

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In each work, something important has changed: language; biology; psychology; again biology. The first biological change is reversible. The second is not. The works present four stages of development from the barbarism of Roan Tom in a small part of the former Imperial volume of space to the support services of the Commonalty stretching across a spiral arm.


Would the Technic History be better balanced and more satisfactory if there were less of Flandry and more of the Long Night? In my opinion, the series would be better if there were more of Flandry and more of the Long Night. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. In time, he passes the mantle to his daughter Diana, who is also illegitimate. Flandry is willing to disregard conventional morality and use his foes' tactics against them. He can cheerfully deceive, seduce, and blackmail; in A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows , he orders the mind-probing of his traitorous illegitimate son, reducing him to a vegetative state, and bombards Aycharaych's uninhabited homeworld into radioactive ruin in part for vengeance, as Aycharaych's latest plot had resulted in the death of the woman he loved and planned to marry. Bertram Chandler. And "Outpost of Empire" features the same kind of crisis which Flandry is normally sent to deal with — a planet torn by the clash of humans and non-humans and of competing human cultures, with Merseia stirring up the pot — but in this case it is resolved by a professor, with an academic approach different from Flandry's though he too can take bold and decisive action.

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While still a cadet, Flandry seduced the girlfriend of a fellow trainee named Fenross. The girl was not very attractive and Flandry was not particularly smitten with her; in later times he could hardly remember her name "Majorie or something like that".

The Long Night

After Flandry dropped her, the girl became "very wild" and was killed in an accident on Venus. Fenross, who had cared for her very much, never looked at another woman afterwards and never forgave Flandry. Being promoted faster, Fenross became an admiral and Flandry's direct superior, and kept doing all he could to get Flandry killed.

Flandry admitted that Fenross had a legitimate grudge, but did manage to survive all the very dangerous missions on which Fenross kept sending him. Similar to the James Bond stories which started two years later , every new adventure brings Flandry another beautiful damsel to woo and rescue. The women are of many different backgrounds — Queens and haughty aristocrats as well as slaves and peasants, courtesans as well as blushing virgins, and at least one alluring non-human female; but they all tend to be brave, intelligent and resourceful and to lend significant help to the success of Flandry's mission.

Many of the adventures end with a sad and painful scene where Flandry, his mission over, departs and leaves behind yet another heartbroken woman, saying things like "It would never work out, better that I leave before a bright memory becomes tarnished" [3] and "I'm just not the forever-and-ever sort, and less than that would be unfair to you, lass" [4] and "I'm as mossless a stone as you'l find in a universe of rolling".

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Djana, the ex-prostitute who shares the young Flandry's illicit treasure-hunt and captivity among the Merseians in A Circus of Hells , had been deeply traumatized in early life and is correspondingly more deeply hurt than others at the termination of their relationship. On departure she leaves Flandry with a curse: "I guess I can't stop you from having nearly any woman who comes by.

But I'll wish this, that you never get the one you really want". At the time, Flandry shrugs it off "Women! Uncle Hugo's. University of Washington University Bookstore. University of Wisconsin University Bookstore. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Buy Ebooks. All Books.

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