TIMOR-LESTE Country Studies: A brief, comprehensive study of Timor-Leste

Security sector reform: Timor-Leste
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The Board has up to 40 members who are appointed for a five-year term and who act in an honorary capacity. The Private Sector Advisory Board provides a platform for dialogue between the private sector and international cooperation organisations.

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It consists of representatives of business and industry associations. They form the basis for the trust placed in us by our clients, partners and staff. Compliance means acting in accordance with legislation, rules, guidelines and codes of conduct. Our integrity advisors are are impartial, autonomous and bound by confidentiality. They can be contacted by clients and GIZ staff alike. The main duty of the ombudsman is to receive in confidence information regarding economic crimes such as corruption, breach of trust or fraud.

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Structure of Government 2. Aided by secret police and civilian Timorese militia to crush dissent, reports of arrest, torture, and murder were numerous. The Timorese election laws are divided into: election of the Parliament; election of the President; finance; and political party law. ReliefWeb Informing humanitarians worldwide. Locally, authority rested with the Portuguese Governor and the Legislative Council, as well as local chiefs or liurai. It largely follows the Portuguese tradition.

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For us, close cooperation and trust between GIZ and organisations involved in international cooperation and sustainable development is crucial. GIZ's projects and programmes are regularly reviewed with this in mind. GIZ has a wealth of international experience and provides advisory services and projects in more than countries around the globe. GIZ offers regionally adapted strategies with a view to securing the right to food and making rural development a driver of economic growth. GIZ supports sustainable infrastructure projects that stimulate economic activity and provide the basis for better living conditions.

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managewebsite.com/cache/2019-08-11/2310.php We support our partner countries in alleviating the structural causes of violent conflict and developing capacities for peaceful conflict transformation. We strive to promote basic social values such as equal opportunities, solidarity and participation, which form the basis for a peaceful society worth living in. GIZ assists its partners in establishing democratic systems and networks across all social groups.

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IOM also cooperated with MTV Exit and developed a programme on combating human trafficking in Tetun, the local language, which was broadcast and viewed in two districts. Two layers of Trainings for Trainers. Finally, CPN members were able to address targeted audiences, in particular students and children. Different types of materials such as child protection flip charts, guidelines, posters, booklets, and brochures where produced and distributed.

Continuous awareness-raising at the community level is key for changing the mindset. There are many social and cultural factors that create barriers to mindset change regarding GBV and human trafficking, among these patriarchal society, consideration of GBV as a private matter and the role of community leaders in mediating cases. For these reasons it is important that people have a chance to better understand domestic violence and human trafficking. This can be achieved by constantly providing information on relevant national laws and involving the community as active participants in the awareness-raising process.

Information education and communication IEC strategy for harmonized and joint public awareness. Although some joint IEC initiatives were undertaken, more coordinated public awareness activities could have been organized under the UN Joint Programme.

2016 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Timor-Leste

If a joint IEC strategy would have been developed at the initial stage of the Programme, more synchronized actions with a consistent message could have been delivered and the visibility of the Programme would have been higher. This initiative was based on the anger management training manual developed by UNFPA in close collaboration with the Ministry of Justice in Ninety-two people mostly prisoners and some prison guards received trainings on how to identify and manage emotions and anger, how to manage stopping violence in relationships, and how to maintain non-violent relationships.

The sessions also included meditation and yoga as methods for anger control.

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The participants also received information on the LADV. In addition, trainings were organized to target the correction officers in Gleno and Becora prisons who dealt with the offenders, and 40 officers participated in total. Furthermore, based on recommendation from prisoners, anger management training will be carried out in one of the districts with higher risk of violence, and the participants will be youth who belong to martial arts groups. Improved identification of vulnerable women. This technical note outlined and defined vulnerability identification criteria and operational procedures for the conditional cash transfers.

This intervention was much needed to provide fair access to resources for the most vulnerable while mitigating the potential tensions in the family. To ensure the link with increased attainment of education and vaccination, a monitoring system for compliance with conditionality was also strengthened. Systematization of beneficiary data. The establishment of a central database system for BdM along with the registration of ongoing beneficiaries contributed to the systematization of information allowing the Ministry of Social Security MSS to access beneficiary profiles at both the central and district levels.

This also enabled a more accurate selection of beneficiaries along with improvement of general implementation and monitoring. By February , over 15, beneficiaries in 13 districts were registered. Building the capacity of the district staff to systematize data and link it to the central data system was a remarkable success.


segurmerabe.gq: TIMOR-LESTE Country Studies: A brief, comprehensive study of Timor-Leste eBook: CIA, State Department: Kindle Store. In May , Timor-Leste (formerly known as East Timor) gained independence. stability reliant on government spending in the short-term and revenues from natural resources. the north and south of the country will be upgraded allowing for faster, safer travels. View All Projects. Research. View All Research Arrow.

Twenty-one MSS staff members, 13 CPOs in the districts, and 65 social animators in sub-districts have been trained and are now capable to monitor, carry out evaluations, collect data and identify possible beneficiaries for the cash transfers. Better access to social protection for vulnerable population. Vulnerable women have better access to social protection through access to cash, education and health for their children.

It has been acknowledged that economic vulnerability can trigger domestic violence; therefore, the BdM scheme represents an input towards prevention. A divorced woman who was interviewed during the BdM disbursement in Metinaro district of Dili said that she had experienced domestic violence due to financial difficulties. Now she feels protected and empowered, and she can send her children to school.

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Missing linkage with vulnerability to GBV. The re-defined criteria and registration questionnaires for BdM scheme do not contain information on vulnerability to GBV. For the future, the MSS and UNDP suggested to use the data available so that potential victims and survivors are informed of the existence of the BdM scheme and can have access to its benefits.