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How to Grow in Spiritual Maturity
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Will it be any different than it is now? How dangerous or wrong is it to be spiritually immature? The mark of the maturing Christian is that we continue to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Many who picture themselves as Christian put up a good front but have little or no substance according to the criteria found in the Bible.

They would like others to see them as good Christian people, maybe they even look at themselves as good Christian people, but behind the front is a person sadly lacking Christian substance.

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The word "perfect" as used in the King James Version means "mature" and comes from the Greek word "Teleios" tel'-i-os G Those who have God's Spirit, are able to rationally see and understand what others can't. While at the same time, others can't understand what gives God's people that insight. Paul is saying that the wisdom he speaks is understood by mature or perfect Christians but not by others.

"Seven Marks of Christian Maturity" - A Chapel Message Presented by Victor Sholar

He points out here very specifically that the rulers of this world do not have the same wisdom as those in the Church; partly because worldly rulers, without God's Holy Spirit, can not understand that man can even become members of God's family Sons of God. They thereby make decisions reflecting only viewpoints from their perspectives and their perspectives are often gravely limited. In Philippians 3, Paul reiterates this concept that we must see things not in the past but as it pertains to our potential in the Kingdom of God:. What is your potential in the Kingdom of God? How are you any better or different than those outside the church?

In Colossians, Paul assigns to his ministering servants the responsibility of giving the Church the vision of the Kingdom and the teachings of Christ:. It is Paul's intention to teach everyone sufficiently that they will mature to a level acceptable to Christ.

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What is needed is a balance between a solid message from the Scriptures and a time of music, prayer, and quietness that exalts the glory and worth of the living 50 Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity God; where, as Wesley expressed it, believers are "lost in wonder, love, and praise. In his infinite wisdom, God made prayer an important part of his program. We must concentrate on the positive to eliminate the negative. Married couples unable to have children waited and yearned and waited again, despairing of ever having a family. Following the feeding of the 5,, many of Jesus' disciples became disillusioned by his "bread of life" teaching and ceased following him. In a daily quiet time you must regularly and systematically study Scripture in order to understand and apply it to life.

In 1 Corinthians 3, Paul encourages us all to continue to build on the examples of Christ; to never slack off. In actuality, we are all being tested by fire.

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If we find that our faith is being eroded each time trials or troubles come along, perhaps we, like weak Servants, are not building with gold or silver or precious stones. Perhaps we are building with destructible materials because we are not mature enough to use the food that our pastors and teachers and Bible Studies give us. Instead we succumb to our greedy desires and worldly evil practices.

Why does God give us pastors and teachers? What is their purpose? What are Church leader's responsibilities to us and to God? Is it not, as Paul said, to be able to present to Christ every man who is complete or mature in Christian living? How many of us are still spiritual babes? And as spiritual babes are influenced by every doctrine we hear coming from the TV, friends, relatives, pamphlets, books, our own watered down rationale or whatever.

Remember 1 John ? Do we allow ourselves to be influenced by the winds of doctrine coming from ministers or teachers who are liars - who do not heed God's commandments and judgments? Do we sway with everything we read or what we hear on TV by television preachers?

If they the television preachers or authors do not even keep the commandments of God, how much of His Holy Spirit can they have? If they are deceived, they can deceive us. Do we swallow everything they say? What spirit might they have?

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Can we discern good and evil? If not, we have not grown enough; we are not mature Christians. After discernment, do we follow what is good and reject what is evil? Hebrews 6 lists seven doctrines of the Church of God. Notice that the first verse and first doctrine admonishes us to press on to maturity. Why does verse 2 refer to washings or baptisms plural? Let's turn to Mat 3 to see where John the baptizer or immerser describes three types of baptisms:. How close are we to spiritual maturity? It was a lack of maturity that plagued the church in Sardis. Would we be classified like a member of that church? But, as verse 5 points out, even the church of Sardis was admonished to overcome Isn't this incentive enough to overcome the sins that ensnare us day after day, month after month, year after year?

Here again, God encourages people to do things His way and be saved at their death - or to continue on as they are and be lost. To assist you in measuring your maturity, let me give 12 marks of Spiritual Maturity:. We must base our lives and decisions on our personal relationship with God, Christ, and His Word. We must listen to, seriously consider, and prove the suggestions and admonishment of our church leaders.

We must not adopt a self-righteous attitude toward others with a Talmud of "thou shalts" and "thou shalt nots". We should assist the Church with acts of love and concern toward everyone. Love includes patience and understanding.

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We must constantly apply the Golden Rule. We should not become spiritually dependent. And the renewing of your mind happens at the rate by which he or she learns the Scripture and obeys it. Remember, importantly, Scripture states of itself in Hebrews The word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Shepherd Toward Spiritual Maturity

Accordingly, Scripture has the power, since it is living and active , to transform an individual from childhood to adulthood to the degree he allows it to renew his mind. Therefore renewal and transformation are tantamount to knowing and obeying the Word of God.

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The Christian's greatest target is to glorify God and to enjoy glorifying Him. The path to this target of enjoying God is described as striving towards spiritual maturity. William Still was minister of the Gilcomston Church of Scotland from until Towards Spiritual Maturity - Kindle edition by William Still. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

To elaborate further, 2 Corinthians instructs the believer to:. Do you in any way block the Word from transforming your thinking? Is the Word — or the world — preeminent in your thinking? Which of these identifies you? Let us now exegete particular portions of the aforementioned passages of contrasts in the order I have listed them in order to underscore the following summary identifiers of spiritual infancy.

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However, when one says he is a believer but will not respond to the clear teachings and authority of the Word of God, it is fair to classify him or her as an infant. Conversely, Paul had to speak to them as men of flesh , as to infants in Christ. He could only give them milk to drink and not solid food for [ they ] were not able to receive it. Many American believers today are similar to children who want candy and dessert, versus a regular, nutritious meal that will supply their real needs for strong, healthy growth: Carbs versus protein.

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How is your library coming? Metaphorically, every serious believer needs to be in the weight room, downing protein shakes and watching his carb intake. Having stated that, all passages of Scripture contain milk and meat and are capa ble of ministering to the needs of all who are intent on listening to the Word no matter their level of spiritual maturity.