Tricked by the Tentacle Trucker (Gay Paranormal Erotica)

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The series opener is constructed like an overlapping set of sit-com episodes as Dan moves from one oddball case to the next. Then, there's Dan's ongoing feud with the owner of Jekyll Lifestyle Products and Necroceuticals, who still holds a grudge against Dan for infiltrating his manufacturing facility and proving that he was putting garlic in vampire hair products..

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All of these cases mean that Dan moves from one case-specific scene to another in quick succession. That makes the story line humorously cluttered, but not really complicated. Anderson concocts a humorous description and back-story for each quirky character. Each dispute is solved—one way or another—but only one turns into the main story line.

This is light-hearted urban fantasy at its best. I listened to several chapters of the audiobook, and Phil Gigante does a great job with the various voices. He's got them all down perfectly, especially Dan's New Orleans drawl and Sheyenne's sexy purr. Contains: coarse language, profanity, and some not-too-graphic violence. DarkWalker by John Urbancik.

Available: New and Used trade paperback and ebook. In this world, we learn there are at least three types of people: the monsters, the watchers, and the hunters. The monsters prey on people, the hunters kill the monsters, and the watchers are witnesses to the monsters and hunters. The watchers sit there and note everything. In return they are left alone by both the hunters and the monsters. DarkWalker is the story of Jack Harlow, a watcher who falls in love with a woman.

Now instead of being virtually ignored, every monster in the area notices him, and they all want to taste him. What happens to Jack, and how he handles this situation makes for an incredibly tense story. This is highly recommended for fans of urban fantasy, Blade , and other action horror stories. Reviewed by: Benjamin Franz. When she's sober, she does crime-scene documentation for the MPD. Jackie is also a self-destructive mess who seems to destroy every moment of happiness and success she has ever achieved.

The story begins as Jackie buys a used camera from James, a hot guy who is a suspect in the murder of his wife. To get the money to purchase the camera, Jackie sells crime-scene photographs to Michi Mori, an eccentric and very wealthy man who spends his time partying with groups of young gay men in his huge mansion. Michi-san pays Jackie top dollar for her most grisly photos, so Jackie keeps selling them to him, even though she knows they are not hers to sell.

As Jackie uses her new camera to photograph the Killer's most recent handiwork, the camera develops a mind of its own, snapping shots with no assistance from Jackie. Then a female ghost begins appearing in Jackie's apartment, leaving physical evidence of her presence. As the deaths mount, more clues accumulate and the story moves toward its inevitable showdown between Jackie and the Killer. I have mixed feelings about this book.

The plot is compelling, but I can't quite believe Jackie as a female character. Both characters were created by men and are really more male than female in their actions and emotions. Both are drawn as street-tough women, but they don't react to situations or people as the vast majority of women would. In this story, most of Jackie's interior monologues are used to provide a straightforward presentation of personal history without the self-examination and soul-searching that would be natural for a damaged female heroine. Her budding relationship with James is not believable because she never shows any real feelings for him.

Most women are way too body conscious to behave that way. When Jackie does change clothes, she just tosses the dirty ones onto the ever-growing mound on the floor of her shower stall—not something a woman raised in a middle class home in the southern heartland would do, no matter how far she's fallen. Now, go ahead and accuse me of female stereotyping if you will, but the fact remains that I would have enjoyed the story much more if Jackie had been Jack. On the positive side, Crook tells a good story here, with twists and turns that are mostly unpredictable.

Red herrings are few and far between, so pay attention to all of the details as you read the story—probably in one page-turning, marathon session. Last Regress by Rachael J. Amazon Digital Services Available: Kindle.

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With its needy, addled heroine and its lack of coherent world building, this wannabe horror story lacks the compelling drama and suspense needed for a good story. Her one and only friend is her gay neighbor, Greg, with whom she has developed a close relationship. As the story opens, Alyssa is researching an eight-year-old case in which a man named Cain Andrews died by spontaneous human combustion. She is also having constant nightmares in which she sees huge, dark, scary monsters in her room. Alyssa believes that the monsters are real, while Greg, of course, thinks that they are hallucinations coming from her depressed mind.

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Then a strange, ghostly man begins to show up each night to protect Alyssa from the monsters. He is incorporeal, but he can converse with Alyssa and tries to calm her fears. These scenes are supplemented by her arguments with Greg over whether the monsters are real or imaginary. He has a mentor named Nathaniel who is supposed to guide him towards the next, more permanent, realm.

In the final quarter of the story, the mythology explodes with new facts about that realm and its politics. By this point, the characters are spending much of their time in tears of fear and grief as the lives of both Alyssa and the man are in jeopardy. The ending functions as a segue to a second book. This is a plodding story that does not begin to take off until the final chapters.

Alyssa is not the smartest heroine in the horror fiction world.

Tricked by the Tentacle Trucker (Gay Paranormal Erotica)

She knows exactly what will happen when she turns out all the lights and goes to bed, but she never tries to vary her routine or leave the light on or sleep on the living room couch or have Greg stay over. She just keeps repeating the same experience every night, and the reader repeats it with her, over and over again.

Contains: one moderately graphic sexual scene and one violent torture scene involving meat hooks. Night Fighters by Rob Smith. Available new paperback. It is , and, with England is taking a beating from the German bombing raids, seven vampires are recruited by the Royal Air Force to fly fighter planes at night. Vampirism, in this case, is a hereditary medical condition—and few view the vampires as anything but freaks. Among the vampires are Crowe, who was abandoned as a child and tortured by doctors; Morgan, who grew up in a wealthy and loving family; and Raithe, who believes vampires are superior and the next evolutionary step for humans.

Crowe, Morgan and the other vampires just want to fly, but circumstances may prevent that from ultimately happening. I think Rob Smith gives a fresh and interesting perspective on vampires in Night Fighters. They are still powerful creatures, but they can die like regular humans….

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The character development is excellent and the origin of vampirism is quite brilliant. Some of the characters were kept vague enough to really keep you guessing as to their motives and loyalties. My only real beef with Night Fighters is that the end, although raising some intriguing possibilities, was a bit too neat and tidy for my taste; I generally like my horror messy and unpredictable.

Overall, it is a great story, and something different when it comes to vampires. Contains: violence, adult language and adult situations. Hyperion, ISBN Freya is a sexy bartender; her sister Ingrid is a reserved librarian; and Joanna, their mother, is a talented cook who can raise the dead. Meanwhile, Joanna is contacted by the spirit of a witch hanged during the days of witch trials and is compelled to try to rescue her.

Everything is kept pretty light with humor, the foibles of relationships, girl talk about food and love, and some very charming pixies. I now know that the second book in a series can be better than the first. Where the first book seemed to me chick-witch lit up until the last 40 pages when it changed genres to fantasy, this installment starts out and stays fantasy. Several of the characters have acquired some dimension by now — especially Joanna, who must deal with losing and regaining her husband and children numerous times through the centuries, and who seems the most genuine of the characters. It is sometimes confusing at the end with mistakes chalked up to memory loss, mistaken identities, the meaning of the serpent, and the corresponding mythological characters.